Copyright Policy

Last edited: 02 June 2021

At Doroteo Design we strive to produce compelling works of art and graphic design that are unique and with the highest quality standards.

We produce digital design artworks, visuals and creative assets that are sold online across different platforms and marketplaces (‘Vendor’), applied to different mediums and resulting in an array of final products. 

We own the copyright and intellectual property of all the design and artworks we generate and produce, not limited to the reproduction of our designs across a multitude of items and physical objects manufactured using our digital design assets. 

Some of our artworks may be designed for mass distribution, while others may be exclusive. In this case the following rules apply, as stated by the British Copyright Council:

“Copyright protection in artistic works not reproduced industrially and in graphic designs lasts for the lifetime of the creator and for 70 years afterwards. Copyright in designs for surface decoration, typefaces and artistic works reproduced industrially lasts for 25 years.”

Digital design and printables

When you purchase one of our design products through Vendors we contract/partner with, you enjoy owning a piece of design art which is however non-exclusive and replicable. 

When you buy one of our printable digital designs, you are free to print as many copies of it as you please, for personal use only. The digital item you purchased is yours to keep, forever. 

However, you are not permitted to edit, manipulate, resell, distribute, redistribute and share such designs without written permission from Doroteo Design. In this case you would infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights rules and be liable according to the law.

Code of conduct

We are first and foremost designers and artists, and understand the hard work endeavoured by the creative community we proudly belong to. We strive to remain constantly inspired by the works of others.

That’s why we comply with a solid code of conduct and ethical methods in producing and editing design elements made available by communities of artists, illustrators and designers via Creative Commons and free-to-use policies, by always crediting and citing sources and authorship where available.

Sharing and Social Media

We encourage you to share pictures of the ‘printed’ artwork and any other interior design art item you may have purchased via our Vendors, and where you have decided to place it on display across social media channels. Please ensure to tag us on @doroteodesign on Instagram – we’d love to see them!

We kindly ask you to not share the digital design. It would not only render your purchase futile, but would also devalue our hard work to produce original artwork.